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Can I use popular songs for my hold music?

Can I use popular songs for my hold music?

With Carbon Zero Voip AND Domains, you're able to upload any audio file to your business telephony system, but does that mean you can use any music that is available for your hold music? 


Unfortunately not. 


If you wanted to use more well-known songs as your company hold music, you'll want to make sure you either have an agreement with the copyright holder or you have gained a license from a music licensing company, such as PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). This company requires a fee from you so that any royalties can be repaid to the original creator of the music. 


Once you have this licence and are approved to use the music, you can upload the relevant audio file in your Carbon Zero Voip AND Domains dashboard under Voice > Audio, and start using it as hold music for your customers! 


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